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Terra Flame Home is a clean burning portable fireplace fueled by an eco-friendly energy source. When it burns it is smokeless, odorless, and virtually CO2-free, requiring no ventilation. This allows Terra Flame Home to go anywhere, giving you the versatility to change your environment as you please.

Your fireplace will no longer control the design and layout of your room. Terra Flame Home firespaces provide more than just the warmth and glow of fire. They are furniture, art and accessory, bringing beauty, design, and utility to your home.

Firespaces in action!
More Information On Gel Fuel Fireplaces

The Terra Flame Home collections of Gel Fuel Fireplaces match the design and lifestyle you want to proudly display in your environment. The true advantage to gel fuel fireplaces is that they can go anywhere, in your home, your office, or commercial environment without any costly gas lines or remodeling. These ventless fireplaces come in over 23 finishes and in a vast array of functional furniture pieces, giving these ventless fireplaces both beauty and utility. Most ethanol fireplaces on the market don’t offer anything close to the Terra Flame Home collections.