Outdoor Finish Options

The Terra Flame Home Color Options feature colors that are as unique as the picturesque pallet of the regions that inspired their designs. Everything from vivid Moroccan color splashes to soothing coastal whites and greys.



Interior Finish Options

Customize your firespace

to meet your design tastes by using any one of our 24 finish options. We offer 16 wood, 5 steel, and 3 color finish options for each unit. All finishes are high quality veneers that meet our commitment to safety and design.

More Information On Decorative Fireplaces
Every period of American architecture has welcomed colorful rooms, what a better way to brighten up your home then with Terra Flame Home decorative fireplaces. With 24 different designer finish options to choose from, you control what type of statement your fireplace will make. Color is important in any type of room, especially in today’s open concept homes where living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms are often one large space. Color can be used to create focal points and define living spaces. The versatility of Terra Flame Home decorative fireplaces can help you achieve your interior design goals. Whether you want to use a vivid hue in a neutral room to give your living space a powerful contemporary edge. Or if you want to use soft colors that compliment your room, the warm glow of a fire will still give the room some punch. You can define your living space with a decorative fireplace from Terra Flame Home. No longer do you have to design your interior design dreams around your traditional, nonfunctional fireplace of yesteryear. You can now design the perfect functional fireplace around your interior design dreams with a Terra Flame Home Firespace.

Whether you looking for warm, cozy and intimate, or soft and soothing, or vibrant, modern and bold. Your home can make any statement you want it to with a Terra Flame Home decorative fireplace.