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Transition Collection

Available in open and closed back. Bring your fireplace to the center of the room for a unique gathering space.

To Order Please Call: 801.937.9480
For a limited time while we build our dealer network, we are offering our complete collection direct to the consumer in the US and Canada. Prices vary depending on finish options and accessories.
More Information On The Transition Collection

Our Transition collection highlights the versatility of our Standalone Fireplace design. This collection allows the fireplace to break free from walls and corners and come into the living space where it can be a gathering place. Traditionally, standalone fireplaces are primarily seen in patio and outdoor collections, but because of the versatility of our ventless clean burning fuel, we can now bring that same functionality indoors. Perfect for use in a living room, bedroom, and on a clear night take it out to the patio. The Transition Collection will adapt to the mood you are in. Let’s see any other Bio Fuel Fireplace do that!