Vintage Flocked Velvet Box Fireplace

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Vintage Flocked Velvet Two Burner Free Standing Firespace

TF essentials fireplaces burn using a disposable fuel cartridge and are as easy to use as a candle. The fire burns gold with a soothing crackle and puts off heat equal to a 110 space heater. The fire burns clean requiring no ventilation and is easy to install. This allows the TF essentials firespace the freedom and flexibility to go anywhere in your home, office or commercial environment.

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Product Details
— Available in Flocked Ivory, Flocked Black and Flocked Grey
— Single burner, wall mount, clean burning fireplace
— Cleat mount. 6000 btu’s an hr
— Burns for approximately 3 hours using two SunJel disposable gel fuel cell (SOLD HERE)
— Frame comes in either Charlotte or Madison
— Due to limited heat transfer it is safe to place home decor items on top of the box fireplace.

Materials     Glass,Wood, Steel
Specs             33.25″ L x 21.25″ W x 30.25″ H
Origin           USA

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