About Terra Flame Home Inc.


Where once you couldn’t but now you can
Odorless, smokeless, fluless and portable
Ideal for your office, apartment, condo or loft


Products designed to make sense for the lives we live today.


The warmth and glow of a fireplace delivered in a design that will get people talking not just around your fire, but about your fire.


Define your living space.
Traditional fireplaces are not only boring; they hold you hostage to how you can set your room. They don’t move. Terra Flame Home moves wherever and whenever you want.


Finally you can have your fireplace anywhere you want; “off the grid” no hook-up required.


The Terra Flame Home firespace is so much more than a clean burning environmentally friendly fire. It is art, accessory, and furniture. Our pieces will bring warmth and beauty to your living and working space while adding unexpected utility to an often overlooked design element, fire.

Terra Flame Home firespaces are the only product like it on the market where safety and ease of operation were a primary focus of the design. Using our patented fire handling system you have the option to choose the mood of your fire by adjusting the dimming manifold that also protects you from accessing the flame while the fire is in use.

Terra Flame Home Gel Fuel Fireplace: How-To from Terra Flame on .

More Info About Terra Flame Home
Terra Flame Home is the world’s only designer collection of fireplaces that competes with Bio Ethanol Fireplaces. What is the difference between Terra Flame Home fireplaces and Bio Ethanol Fireplaces? Terra Flame Home uses a single-use Isopropyl Alcohol based gel canister that is reloaded much like a candle and Bio Ethanol Fireplaces use a refillable burner which is refueled much like a lawnmower. Bio Ethanol Fireplaces also burn much hotter than Terra Flame Home fireplaces, which limits their indoor use during hot months. Our fireplaces can’t be called Bio Fuel Fireplaces due to the fact that IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) isn’t a Bio Fuel. However, it does burn cleaner than Bio Fuel Fireplaces. In fact, Sun Jel, the preferred fuel of Terra Flame Home, is one of the cleanest burning fuels on earth.