Affordable, Custom Design Solutions for any Outdoor Space

Gone are the days of the cookie-cutter yard with its precisely sized squares of lawn, picket fence perimeters and concrete slab porches. Homeowners want their yards to feel like an escape. Much like the interior of their homes, they want dramatic design features that compliment not just the aesthetic of their yards, but that add functionality to the space occupied.

Decorating your yard can be challenging. Unlike indoor spaces which include elements like furniture, art, lighting, wall color, and appliances; outdoor design pieces need to not only withstand the elements, but also play off of them while complimenting the surrounding natural features. The best outdoor designers achieve this with organic materials including soil, rock, vegetation, and our favorite design element, fire.

As we all know, it isn’t as simple as just lighting a fire in your backyard. The presentation is an extremely important, but often overlooked, aspect of fire-featured outdoor design.

Think back to a tropical vacation you’ve taken and the mood set by the glow of burning tiki torches. Or remember sitting around a fire with friends talking, laughing, musing, or staring, enraptured, by the flames. Your challenge as an outdoor designer is to bring those moods to your yard without cheapening the effect or creating an eyesore during the daylight.

Fire pits provide warmth and a bit of nostalgia, but often fall short of a focal point. They are time-intensive, requiring the full attention of the one building the fire, and tend to shroud each participant in the lingering smell of smoke long after the fire has died out. They can also be dangerous, sparking much larger fires that put homes and whole neighborhoods at risk. Wood-burning portable fire pits present similar problems. Alternatively, natural gas options are functional but often ignore the elements of eye-catching design or, conversely, focus on design and function but cast out affordability.

What is a homeowner to do? Well, if you aren’t ready for an expensive backyard renovation, but want to enjoy an odor-less and easy alternative to the outdoor fireplace, consider a gel fuel fireplace. They are relatively quick and easy to light, emit no odor, and can even burn citronella to control bugs. Most importantly, these products are generally much less expensive than gas fire options.

The Elements Outdoor Collection by Terra Flame Home blends form and function to provide homeowners the perfect solution to the outdoor fireplace. Choose from a beautiful collection of handcrafted options including small, medium and large torches, lanterns and a gorgeous, functional and affordable fire pit, all of which blend the elements to provide one-of-a-kind design for any outdoor space.

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Warm Yogi-Glow

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