Choosing The Right Air Conditioners

Two of the topmost names in the air conditioning department today are Haier and Frigidaire. Their reputation has turned out to be quite formidable in recent times as most families are purchasing these air conditioners without any qualms because they know they are going to get good quality with their purchase.

Both air conditioning is considered ideal for the domestic market because of the low price these appliances are sold with and because of the fact that they are available within a big range of tonnage. The tonnage is the capacity of space that an air conditioner can cool. Based on that, there are air conditioners such as 0.5 tons, 0.8 tons, 1 ton, 1.5 tons, 2 tons and so on.

The higher the tonnage, the more will be the area of the space that they will be able to cool. Family users of Haier and Frigidaire air conditioning have the choice to choose the tonnage according to the sizes of their rooms. The higher tonnages are preferred by commercial users who need to use air conditioning for their huge office premises.

Haier is a well-known company from China that has won several accolades in their air conditioning department. The company currently ranks at the 13th best in the world. Apart from air conditioners, the company is also well known for its air coolers, water coolers, washing machines and refrigerators among other products.

Frigidaire is a popular American company with almost a similar line of products. The similarity between the air conditioners from these two companies is that they are both priced low, and the prices are still going down because of the current economic scenario.

They both can cool rooms of slightly larger areas than Haier air conditioners. The highest level Haier air conditioners are designed to cool rooms of up to 1,500 square feet, but the highest level Frigidaire air conditioners can cool rooms of sizes up to 1,900 square feet.

Both air conditioners are manufactured with sleek designs so that they not only look elegant for any kind of decor, but they also occupy less physical space in the rooms where they are installed. There is also the point that their smaller size makes them compact and lightweight. They are also made with a view to save on power. Most of the products from these companies can cause a reduction of up to half on the electricity bills compared to what most other air conditioners can provide.

Both air conditioning has become popular today in almost all parts of the world because of their noiseless and relentless performance, and their quality service and durability. If you are looking for an air conditioner to cool your house this summer, you could take a look at either of these companies.

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