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Boutique Collection

A small, portable firespace in a unique design with multiple finish options.

“To Order Please Call: 801.937.9480
For a limited time while we build our dealer network, we are offering our complete collection direct to the consumer in the US and Canada. Prices vary depending on finish options and accessories.
More Information On The Boutique Collection

The Boutique Collection – A stunning wall mounted fireplace that is as much art as it is fire. The sleek design of the Boutique Collection offers a unique way to liven up any living space. The boutique wall mounted fireplace is a true conversational piece, perfect for any setting. Change the feel of an ordinary bathroom into that of a luxury spa with a boutique wall mounted fireplace beautifully burning above the bathtub. Cocktail party anyone, transform that living room from run of the mill status to swanky swore with the ambiance of a wall mounted fireplace. Bedroom in need of a facelift? Try having a boutique wall mounted fireplace floating in all it’s warm glowing glory above your end tables. Turn your kitchen into a gastronomical wonder as your wall mounted fire place crackles to the beat of your inner chef. Don’t be surprised if you slice and dice and cook like you’ve never cooked thanks to inspirational backdrop of a boutique wall mounted fireplace.

The boutique collection, transforming living spaces for the better, one home at a time.