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Recognized as a leading design professional, Candice Olson is one of North America’s most sought after brands. An authentic and working designer since her early 20’s, Olson established her own interior design firm over a decade ago. Considered “the one to watch.” by The New York Times, Olson has imparted her unique design style on a diverse array of residential and commercial projects.

In early 2002, Olson started creating interiors for her #1 rated TV show Divine Design. She immediately became knownfor her signature style and trademark sense of humor. One of the longest running and most popular design shows on TV, after 10 years and a second show, Candice Tells All, Candice remains to be the #1 rated designer on both HGTV U.S. and W Network Canada.

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“A lot of my inspiration for color palettes comes from nature. My mantra is if it works in nature, it will naturally work in
your home. In Canada, we have four very different seasons and weather that provides ever-changing, endless inspiration.”

~ Candice Olson

“We are instinctively drawn to patterns that mimic nature- they are aesthetically pleasing and comforting. By stylizing nature’s patterns, the result is fresh and modern, yet understandable.”

~ Candice Olson

“Your home should bring both beauty to the eye and a smile to the lips. I believe that a chic and sophisticated style welcomes, even craves, a bit of a shake up. A pinch of the unexpected can add a whole lot of character, preventing a space from feeling too planned or predictable. Aim for a deliberate mix of formality and whimsy.”

~ Candice Olson

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