Decorative Fireplaces

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Habitat Collection

“I love using Terra Flame Home products. In my designs, a fireplace is an important and diverse element that plays many roles. It is not only a source of both physical and visual warmth but it also grounds the room by creating a beautiful focal point, one that is often the core of a truly captivating space.”

~ Candice Olson

The Habitat Collection: Versatile stand-alone fireplaces that can be whatever you want them to be; Entertainment Center, side-bar, dinning service, or supplemental storage solution. You decide

“To Order Please Call: 801.937.9480
For a limited time while we build our dealer network, we are offering our complete collection direct to the consumer in the US and Canada. Prices vary depending on finish options and accessories.
More Information On The Habitat Collection

The Habitat Collection – Beautiful stand alone fireplaces that come in a modern yet classically timeless design. Easily customizable by using any of our 24 designer finishes. Choosing a location for your fireplace is no longer limited to the restrictions of gas lines. Be free my friends, be free! Habitat stand alone fireplaces make rearranging any room a cinch. No longer are you tied down to designing around the limitations of a traditional stationary fireplace. With portable stand alone fireplaces like our Habitat, Harmony and Transition collections you can add the warmth and glow of a fire to any room. If you are one of those people whose style meanders to and fro with the wind, free standing fireplaces are perfect for you. You can move them, rearrange them, try them here and try them there until your heart is content with your hearth.

The habitat collection, a modern fireplace designed with everyone in mind.